Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Very well said Andrea and Kelly. I really don't understand how women of the church can feel like their role as women/mothers/housewifes isn't as important as their husbands. I can understand if they feel undermined in their own homes {I know a few different husbands who treat their wives like they are not as important}, but I don't understand how they can think that in the church. Don't they understand that it is Jesus Christ leading His church? And if they understand and believe that, can they honestly think that Jesus Christ looks upon women as a lesser being? In the endowement session in the temple Eve says to Adam that she will harken unto Adam as he harkens unto Heavenly Father. The definition for harken is: to give heed or attention to what is said; listen. I believe that the scriptures/the endowement is worded that way for a specific reason. It doesn't say "women, do as your husbands tell you...." We are equal.

Also, about the role of women. I was reading a Desert Book catalog a while ago and I came across a book that talked about the divine role of women. It said something about how we are closest to our divine roles by being mothers. I wish I could remember what book it was! That thought has stuck with me though. I loved it! It has made me look at mothering in a whole new light.

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