Tuesday, March 9, 2010

An Alternative View to Feminism vs. Anti Feminism

Thanks Kami!

Andrea-- What is your personal definition of a feminist that you identify with? I ask because I have always thought of myself as anti-feminist--until I read the 7th chapter in the TJED home companion book "Steel to Gold, Motherhood and Feminism." It says that historically feminism started with Eve. (Very interesting to re-read after just finishing "Eve and the Choice Made in Eden.") Feminism used to be about "the maintenance of the marriage union" and equality was never an issue. Then it says that modern feminism has taken the opposite stand of attacking marriage.

The chapter says there are three major schools of thought on women. 1) Modern Feminism--summarized by women giving up family for career 2) Reactionary Feminism--trying to have both a career and family and 3) Anti- Feminism -- Choosing family over career.

Now, the chapter goes on to say that career became the counterfeit to stateswomen. So the problem with Anti-Feminism is they believe, "they must choose between their maternal instinct to raise their children well and their feminine ambition to initiate change and lead worthy causes."

The TJED answer is that there is a balance between the two extremes of feminism and anti-feminism.

"So here is the great flaw in Reactionary and Anti-Feminism--one says women should be like men, the other says that women should focus only on their immediate children. The first is wrong and the second is too narrow. Women have power over generations--and we must use this power or see others usurp it and misuse it. In our modern world the void left by women who don't magnify this power is being filled by government. Shame on us for that!"

"There is a power that women bring to the table, the power of shaping a community--of changing its very heart--a power that lasts generations, not just between elections. This power is best expressed by the woman who sets out to raise her great-grandchildren...Every great grandchild is directly raised by twelve people (The twelve people are the great grandchild's 1)Father 2) Mother 3) Grandfather 4) Grandmother 5)Grandpa 6) Granny 7)uncle 8) aunt 9)church leader 10)teacher 11)friend 12)Mayor (Government) The power of womanhood is to directly train all twelve of these people, so that when her great-grandchild is raised, he or she is raised correctly and well."

So, in conclusion, I don't identify with either the feminists or the anti-feminists anymore. My personal mission statement is the Relief Society theme. I am a daughter of God and my life has meaning, purpose, and direction. I delight in service and good works. I Love life and learning. I will dedicate myself to strengthening marriages, families, and homes. I find nobility in motherhood and joy in womanhood. I will help move the cause of liberty.

And by the way. I don't think that Satan's attack on women is the only attack he has made. He has also done everything he can to put down men too. Look at all the T.V. shows. They make the men out to be crude, lazy, good for nothing, dummies. But how can this be true of all men, or most men, when Heavenly Father, the Savior, the prophets, and my own wonderful earthly father, and my dear, sweet, thoughtful, loving husband are all male?

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