Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Very interesting, Andrea. And I like your comments, by the way.

I think it's sad that the author of that article doesn't see the value in her role as a woman. And she also doesn't see the immense power that women in the Church wield. Huge. Behind every priesthood leader is a good woman. :-)

Obviously each man needs to rely on the Spirit to guide him, but he's going to rely on his wife, too. I know from experience! I have been watching with interest what happens as my husband fulfills his calling. There have been so many times that little things I've said have turned into ward policy. Not because I'm scheming to plant ideas in his head. Just that I offer a perspective from someone who's in the trenches, so to speak, and he listens and ponders and then acts on what he feels is best. He doesn't always do what I think he should do, either. :-)

What this author doesn't take into account is that the world is going to run differently than the Lord will run His church. Why? Because one is based on perfection (using the Spirit to guide) and the other is not. Without the guidance of the Spirit, a man could not possibly always make the best decisions possible for women. But with the Spirit, a man could.

You're right about the meetings, Andrea, and wondering why we would need to be at more meetings that would take us away from our families. Yuck! Our children need us. I suppose things could be different. Women could run the organizations - but then the men would get to be the main caretakers and homemakers of the family. As so many in the world have shown through their failed attempts - you really can't have it all, all the time.

This author is looking at the Gospel through the wrong lens. It warps her view and obviously causes a lot of dissatisfaction. It's too bad. I think she'd be a lot happier if she could appreciate and understand womanhood more fully.

I haven't started Eve yet. I haven't even ordered it. I'll head over and do that. It's one book I have to buy if I'm going to read it. But it's been on my "buy" list for quite awhile, so I don't mind.

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