Thursday, March 11, 2010

A rather late introduction post

Hi ladies!  I have been out of town, but I'm catching up on everything today and what do I find but a million great posts waiting for me from my new reading group!  I love it!  I'm so happy with the kind and respectful way everyone states their opinions (and you are all, clearly, such good thinkers!  I'm honored to be associated with you).  I love Kelly's previous post.  So well-put!

I feel like a bit of a slacker here because I have not read ANY of the books yet or made ANY posts, but I answer the call to introduce myself as follows:

My name is Marilyn.  Yes, I know, you have an aunt or a grandma named that.  It's okay because I am kind of a nerdy old-lady type of person anyway.  And I like lots of nerdy things, such as classic rock (can that be considered old-person music these days? you know you're in trouble when you find yourself groovin' to the MUZAC tunes at Sears---Muskrat Love!) and doilies and doing jigsaw puzzles.  (Not really about the doilies.  But I do have lots of them my dear grandmother made for me---and I cherish them---but keep them in boxes.)

I don't know any of you, but Andrea left a comment on my blog so I met her that way, and here I am.  I did go to BYU and grow up in Provo my whole life, so I've probably seen you around campus if you've been there. :)  I majored in Piano Performance and Home Economics with a minor in English.  I live in South Jordan, UT, and I like poetry and reading and writing.  I write a little (an article a week or so) for the Spanish Fork Sentinel (a small-town newspaper) (and I have no idea what I'm doing; I only got the job through nepotism.  But I'm learning.) and I have four darling (of course) children: Abraham (7), Sebastian (4), Malachi (2) and Daisy (7 months).  I like these conversations about feminism because my Grandma used to always ask me if I was "a feminist."  (When I was, like, 6.)  And we'd have these types of conversations.  She was one, through and through--the old kind.  (She was born in 1905.)  And she didn't have much use for the LDS church---but she was awesome---slender and beautiful and cultured.  She divorced when my mom was little, raised 3 daughters by herself by selling Avon, spoke French and Danish, always wore perfume and heels, was a graceful dancer (she loved to go to Hawaii and go to dances at the fancy hotels), and . . . but why am I telling you about her?  Oh yes.  Feminism.  Well, Feminism makes me think of Nana.  So there you are.

Um.  What else?  My husband is an artist and I love him.  I just got called to be Young Womens President, and it's the scariest thing.  I do not generally even like The Youth (mostly because I am intimidated by them) but I guess I'll learn to . . . right?  Right?  I like cooking and baking.  And eating.  I like biting babies.  I like running, long distances, although I'm getting slower and slower and it's kind of depressing.  I should have held back as a Young Thing so I could be peaking now instead of declining . . . but whatever.  And now I really should stop, but thank you for having me and I'll try to contribute occasionally rather than just lazily feeding off of all your collective intellect and energy and enthusiasm.  But it will be hard, since you've already impressed/amazed me quite a bit, you know.

Goodbye forever.
Not forever.  but for now.  But doesn't it sound SO much more dramatic to say forever?

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