Thursday, March 4, 2010

How we're all connected

I'm Andrea--I started this group with my sister Kami. Then, Julia jumped on board. She and I were roommates at BYU for three years. Then she dumped me to get married. Rude. Julia and Kelly go way back to their formative years, and have stayed friends all this time. Autumn is my cousin (and Kami's), and Stacy is Autumn's friend. Marilyn is a friend of a friend. I went to Mexico with a gal named Megan, whose blog I read. Marilyn was a guest writer on Megan's blog and she cracked me up and referenced Oscar Wilde. I new destiny when I saw it and invited her to join. Happily, she accepted.

And that is it. I hope everyone's enjoying Eve. I'm almost done because I have to return it ASAP to the library and I want my plate as empty as possible for when my new MEGAN WHALEN TURNER arrives in the mail. It's released on the 23rd so it should be in my mailbox that day. Bless Amazon and pre-ordering benefits!

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