Monday, March 15, 2010



Any insights into why women veil their faces in the temple is very, very welcome. It is one of those things that always bugged a little bit. One friend (very feminist, more than me!) struggled with it for a long time before she concluded that as we are still acting as "Eve," or "every/all woman/women" that the veil represents Christ being all around us--on our right and on our left, etc. That gave her a great deal of comfort (she studied the topic for years). That also tallies nicely with the idea you presented of being with Christ. I like the idea of authority, or right to be there. That is . . . comforting, actually. The whole concept just shifted for me. If we have the authority and right to be there, and indeed have to be there for the whole thing to work, and the veil symbolizes our connectedness to the Savior--I can deal with that. I can enjoy that.

Thanks again. Keep those insights coming!

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