Thursday, March 11, 2010


Okay, first of all, I don't have the brain power to respond to the discussion going on right now. Plus my Guns, Germs, and Steel is overdue at the library with a hold on it so I can't recheck it out, but I want to write my opinions before I return it (to publish later) so what little is left of my brain is working on that. Also I just wanted to say to Marilyn--your kids' names are awesome. We just named our baby boy Sebastian. Hee. Hee. My dad asked why we named our child after a crab. I don't think that joke will die anytime soon. Unfortunately. My other kids are Ana (9), Elena (3) and Isabel (1).

Also, Andrea likes to think she has final say in what books we read, but really, since I'M the one who edits the blog and makes the list, well, let's just say nobody noticed when I added Midnight's Children to the list. ;) Actually, if there's any book a person really wants to read, we certainly would be willing to add it. Plus, I think Andrea already added a economics book based on your recommendation.

And Autumn, yes Guns, Germs, and Steel takes for granted that man evolved from apes, but it really doesn't spend any time discussing it besides the spread of Neolithic people, etc. That is hardly the focus of the book. I thought it was fascinating overall.

Well, now my husband is home, so I must go look useful.

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