Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Not yet!

WAIT!  Wait, wait, wait!  Don't move on yet.  I just got EATCMIE (ha! funny acronym) from the library yesterday and I'm still trying to read it.  So hold your horses!  Actually it's fine if you all move on.  But I still plan on posting about Eve, once I finish reading it, which also requires that I start reading it, which I'll work on when I get a free second, which hopefully will not be too long from now.

And Kami, good name choice, and do you call him Sebby?  I have grown to love the nickname Sebby for a tiny guy. :)

Re:veils and the middle eastern culture, that's one of the things that was interesting about this presentation---that it really ISN'T a modesty thing for us.  At least the way I understood it.  Paul was explaining how the veil for women was departing from that Jewish/Middle Eastern tradition.  How it did NOT mean modesty/social status/etc. in this context, but AUTHORITY.  Which it certainly didn't convey, in those other traditions.  I thought that was a cool thought.  (I mean, not that we aren't modest or that modesty would be a bad reason or anything.  But it's just more limiting in what it implies, I guess.)

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Kami said...

We haven't really started calling him any nicknames yet, so I'm not sure about Sebby yet.

As far as the Eve book, I still plan on posting on it too, so no worries. Plus Guns, Germs, and Steel might take awhile for the rest to plow through.

And thanks for clarifing about the veil--it's really interesting. I guess what I meant was that I had never questioned it much because of what I thought, but I never assumed I was right either--just that I never questioned it. If that makes any sense. Anyway, thanks for giving me something to think on.