Friday, June 27, 2008

What to Say - Prince Comments

Well, I'm sorry, but there's not going to be much "argument" in this string of posts because I agreed and loved most of Andrea's comments. Shall we stick with the same format?

Rearing children: I wasn't looking at this from the child's point of view of "Mommy doesn't ever play with me." This point I made was entirely from MY view as the parent. However, that does not mean I think I need to spend every waking minute entertaining and playing with my children (I've seen the house of a woman who thought that!). Anyway, what I meant by these "matters of consequences" was that we, as adults, have the choice: let these matters bog us down OR get done what needs to get done productively with our children in tow; complain about our matters of consequence (even internally) OR push them aside while we take care of our children's matters of consequences. For example, the cool leggo ship John built (that's important), the mean thing Brooklynn heard on the playground (that's important), playing Skipbo with Addie and Joel (that's important). I think making our children feel that we have the time for them is a vital part in raising confident kids and it's letting go of our own "matters of consequence" during that time our children need us that can make a difference.

Friends: I am learning a valuable lesson here about friends. Everywhere I've lived (almost), I've been able to find that one special somebody with whom I can just let down my guard. Unfortunately, that somebody hasn't been found here in R. I feel I'm open with everyone and no one all at the same time and it's rather frustrating. Like you said, Andrea, if we had to be vulnerable and build that special bond of friendship with everyone we wouldn't have anything left. I think that sums up how I'm feeling right now in the friendship department. I feel I have to be everyone's friend. Being social in nature, I thrive on friendship and yet I'm finding to to be a tad bit taxing for me these days. This could also be due to the fact that my kids are getting older, I'm not sure. (sorry - conversation turned personal!)

Beauty: LOVED your beauty comments, Ans. I do agree that there is so much beauty to SEE. However, I really and truly do not know many people who honestly open thier eyes to SEE and that is the sad part of it all. Also, I think this can go along with what you said about being tamed and having that deeper friendship (i.e. letting go of what's hidden and becomign vulnerable strengthens the relationship and makes it a beautiful thing).

Taming: When reading the book I totally didn't "get" the point you brought out about being tamed and thought your comments were awesome & totally agree (though, I still do like my whole gospel tie-in!). :-)

Satisfaction: This is a tough one for me because the boundary is so thin. Yes, you need to be happy with who you are - - but not to the point of arrogance. Yes, you need to work and improve upon your talents - - but not to the point of living a stressed out life and seeking perfection. Yes - - you need to be happy where you are - - but not to the point of forgetting how you need to improve. There are so many fine lines that define how far you are leaning one direction or the other, that I think it can all get a bit muddled together.

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