Monday, June 16, 2008

Oprah's Bookclub and other things....

You said: For example, you both seem to view August's decision not to marry as anti-man. I actually don't remember saying that...I could be remembering wrong.

I agree with what you wrote about Lily's character. I think that is all spot-on. This experience with all those women was definitely a good thing for her.

I agree that LDS women have a different idea of female empowerment and feel more value in society.

As I originally said, without the Black Mary storyline I really did like the tale. I think we may just have to split ways there. :-) I was glad that Lily was able to grow as a woman. I liked her relationship with August. I was happy as all get-out when she got out from under T. Ray's house. Those things I liked and I think they are pertinent to a girl in any age.

Why did Sue Monk Kidd feel it was necessary to write this story for today's audience? By that I mean, what does a story that is set 4 decades ago have to offer to us today? What new lessons can we learn? Do women today still need stories about female strength? We seem to lap them up (ie Oprah's bookclub). But is it filling a need, or is it preaching to the choir? I can agree that the need WAS it still? I'd like to hear your thoughts.

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