Monday, June 23, 2008

New Blog Author...a dud

I know you all are so excited that I'm joining up and writing something here, but let me warn you, DO NOT GET YOUR HOPES UP.

I've read/skimmed over several of the comments about the Bees book, and I just read it on Sunday, and I didn't like it. It was way too emotional for my tastes. You know the part where Lily's riding in the truck with Zach and first she's kinda crabby and then she starts laughing hysterically and at the end she weeps on his shoulder? And she says that Zach probably feels done with female emotions? That's what the whole book made me feel like. I kept thinking that maybe the very end might make it all worth it, but it didn't.

I don't like sisterhood books...ya-ya sisterhood made me gag. Too many women without a good dose of maleness gets to be too much. There should have been a cool old black guy in the book.

Sorry folks (and my sisters Andrea and Amy who love this book). I guess you will not be looking forward to more posts from me. But have a good night anyway. :)

p.s. Okay, I had posted this, but decided to come back and write at least one thing that was a bit more specific. A few people have mentioned some things that they thought seemed improbable, and one thing I thought was improbable was June and Lily reconciling --or whatever you call what they did. It seemed highly unlikely to me that June would all of the sudden be over it, just because they fought over the sprinkler. I think, that sort of thing might work for men--punch each other in the face and then have a drink together--but that's not how women traditionally operate. I didn't even really get the character of June at all. Why did she have such a chip on her shoulder in the first place (I mean, I know that August told why, but I just didn't think it really explained it), and what was her character there for anyway?

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