Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Welcome Kayli!

Actually, with that WONDERFUL post, I am expecting and anxiously awaiting more posts from you!!! Thank you! Thank you! I'm on "your side" with Bees and I'm glad to know that "all Rasumssens don't think alike!" :-) Keep writing!! :-)

P.S. to everyone - - I read Little Prince already, waiting for the right time to post an essay. AND, I've started Fermat's Enigma - - which I'm hoping you all will take a long time reading, because it probably will take me awhile. I have enjoyed the first five pages though! :-) I just have a HUGE stack of books on the side of my bed, and I want to read them ALL right NOW! Unfortunately, it seems summertime sucks away all my time to read! Anyway, long story short.... Happy Reading!!


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