Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Kayli, I forgot you had posting rights on this blog! Nice to hear from you. Yeah, I implemented her plan and the first day was JOYOUS! The next day did not go well. Ahem. I was planning on reading it again tonight as a refresher. I think an outline to go on my wall is a good idea. I can refer to it every morning before facing the littles.

As for the swimming lesson comment--I didn't plan on giving them a consequence. I knew I wasn't going to waste my money by not letting them go, but I also thought they would be terrified enough at the thought of missing their lessons that they would snap to. And they did. Lucky me. That only works with REALLY awesome activities. However, they are sort of in the mode now, and every time I say, "It is time to get out the door," Cowen remembers to ask me what he can do to help. I need to go over the procedure with Miriam and Emeline a few more times.

Glad you liked the article. I'm off to read it again.

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