Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I read The Parenting Breakthrough and loved the idea of having a master plan. Mostly because my oldest daughter NEEDS a list to remember and work on things. Plus then I won't forget either what I want my kids to be learning or what my other kids have done. So here's the list I made using Merrilee Boyack's list as a basis. This is a bit murky too, because some things, like making breakfast I plan to make them do that one summer only, and then just whenever I need help after that, but they won't have to make breakfast 3x's a week for forever after that. While other things like practice an instrument, that will start and carry through till they graduate high school. And then other things, Boyack explains better in her book, like giving her kids a certain amount of money ever year to purchase their school clothes and then anything after that they have to pay for themselves, and of course that would require planning and budgeting and bargain shopping, etc. Or with decorating their room, she again gave them a budget and they had to learn to paint or wallpaper and redecorate their room. (I don't know if we'd have the means to do this, but I think it's a cool idea. ) I had a hard time at certain ages coming up with things, (7, 15) but I had taken a lot out at those ages from her list. So please tell me what you think, and if I should somehow rearrange or add or delete anything, what you would do differently etc.

Three Years Old

Dress Self

Toilet Trained

Pick up toys

Say prayers

Help fold towels

Help unload silverware from dishwasher

Help set table

Four Years Old

Brush teeth

Make bed

Dust room

Help unload dishes from dishwasher

Set the table

Help clear the table

Five Years Old

Straighten room


Fold towels

Start earning money

Help with Saturday’s chores

Six Years Old

Load dishwasher

Empty dishwasher

Begin Piano lessons

Run microwave

Make and answer phone calls

Wash dishes except pans

Seven Years Old

Floss teeth

Saturday’s Chore

Pull weeds

Memorize phone and address

Eight Years Old

Grooming hair and nails

Read scriptures daily

Savings Account

Wash all dishes

Start Faith in God

Clean stove

Maintain personal journal

Nine Years Old

Hammer nails

Saw wood

Cook vegetables

Write letters

Use e-mail

Rake leaves

Plant plants

Ten Years Old

Set personal goals

Make several salads

Basic nutrition

Place a collect call

Use a payphone

Wrap presents

Sew buttons

Mow lawn

Fold clothes

Make lunches

Vacuum interior of car

Eleven Years Old

Arrange for own haircuts

Clean refrigerator inside

First Aid training

Babysitting class

Cook breakfast during summer (3x’s weekly)

Clean oven

Know Articles of Faith

Complete Faith in God

Practice creative writing during summer

Learn countries and capitals

Twelve Years Old

Shop for own clothing

Basic fashion awareness

Wardrobe planning

Current events during summer

Practice public speaking during summer

Make/keep dentist appts.

Make/keep doctor appts.

Keep personal calender

Understand basic filing

Order something by phone

Order something by mail

Order something by internet

Read Book of Mormon through

Start Priesthood or YW’s programs

Check fluids in car

Learn basic mending

Bake rolls, bread, cake

Learn how to do laundry

Thirteen Years Old

Sew simple items

Shopping and sales

Party planning

Start own recipe files

Plant care


Certify for CPR

Go to movies w/o parent

Understand prescriptions

Learn meat-handling rules

Learn etiquette rules

Musical intrument of choice

Make dinner during summer (3x’s weekly)

during summer

Fourteen Years Old

Decorate room-learn to paint etc.

Basic interior decorating

Memorize S.S. number

Understand and use debit card

Learn interest, debt, securities

Learn about make-up (girls)

Learn basic civics and politics

Accompany parent to vote

Structural household repair

Sell items on internet

Memorize Seminary scriptures

May go to dances

May purchase Ipod

Fifteen Years Old

Pay household bills

Grocery shopping during summer

Plan menus during summer


Finish Eagle Scout (boys)

Change flat tire

Basic car operation

Learn to fill car with gas

Sixteen Years Old

Get driver’s license

Understand credit cards

Learn retirement plans

Resume preparation


Understand advertising

Career planning

Arrange for car insurance

Household repairs

Assist in purchasing car

Checking account

File tax return

Landscape planning

May have cell phone (must pay for it yourself)

Get a job!

May date in a group

Seventeen Years Old

Finish Young Women in Excellence

Apply for University

Finish Duty to God


Lindsay Ann Rasmussen said...

i am just wondering, I have been thinking about this lately, when you say start earning money are you talking allowance? I never had an allowance or was paid for doing any household chores when i was little. I am just curious as to how you are going to go about this one. The only money my kids get is from their great granparents for their birthdays....

Kami said...

Well, one of the main ideas of the book I read, was that if kids never handle money much, they won't be good with it when they do get it. I earned a lot as a teenager, but never saved or anything. And I'm fairly awful with money. So I wanted to try something different with my kids. The author suggests allowances, I think I might stick to what I've been doing with Ana already--she can earn money by memorizing scriptures, poems, reading books from a list I made, specific extra chores, etc. I'm not quite sold on the allowance idea yet, but I am considering it.