Tuesday, May 17, 2011


 Ah...a topic close to my heart.  And the bane of mothers everywhere - determining how much can I reasonably expect of this child.  My thoughts are only regarding if I think a child is fairly capable at that age.  Whether or not I would choose to do it at that age or another I only mention a few times for perspective.

Three Years Old - Yes to all
Dress Self
Toilet Trained
Pick up toys
Say prayers
Help fold towels
Help unload silverware from dishwasher
Help set table
Four Years Old - Yes to all
Brush teeth
Make bed
Dust room
Help unload dishes from dishwasher
Set the table
Help clear the table
Five Years Old - vacuuming might be difficult.  Too heavy or too hard to see.  I see it as more a physical difficulty than a mental maturity issue.  But I have short kids, so that might be just me.  My eight year old struggles, still, though he's about as big as a six year old.  ;-)
Straighten room
Fold towels
Start earning money
Help with Saturday’s chores
Six Years Old -  I wouldn't do piano lessons.  I believe that a child can learn pretty much anything at any age if you have the right teaching style.  I think unless the child is highly motivated (HIGHLY) you would be hard-pressed to find a teacher who can do it well.  Suzuki possibly.  But will they stick with it, or get burned out?  In my experience, children who start later suffer fewer burnout issues (they are better at determining their interest level) and learn faster.  Phone calls - yes, but can't take messages until can write legibly and can spell decently (IMO).
Load dishwasher
Empty dishwasher
Begin Piano lessons
Run microwave
Make and answer phone calls
Wash dishes except pans
Seven Years Old - YES
Floss teeth
Saturday’s Chore
Pull weeds
Memorize phone and address
Eight Years Old - YES.  Age 8 is when we start the Bank of Dad for the kids to deposit their money in.

Grooming hair and nails
Read scriptures daily
Savings Account
Wash all dishes
Start Faith in God
Clean stove
Maintain personal journal
Nine Years Old - YES
Hammer nails
Saw wood
Cook vegetables
Write letters
Use e-mail
Rake leaves
Plant plants
Ten Years Old - Just barely taught my 12 year old to mow lawn, don't think my 10 year old is strong enough yet.  She does do her own laundry (start to finish), makes breakfast every morning for our family, makes lunch if asked, and enjoys baking on her own (though still makes forgetful mistakes occasionally)
Set personal goals
Make several salads
Basic nutrition
Place a collect call
Use a payphone
Wrap presents
Sew buttons
Mow lawn
Fold clothes
Make lunches
Vacuum interior of car
Eleven Years Old - Generally, YES to all, assuming they've been probably trained.  The oven job sounds hard, but probably possible.
Arrange for own haircuts
Clean refrigerator inside
First Aid training
Babysitting class
Cook breakfast during summer (3x’s weekly)
Clean oven
Know Articles of Faith
Complete Faith in God
Practice creative writing during summer
Learn countries and capitals
Twelve Years Old - I started doing my own clothes shopping around then - or when it started mattering to me more what I wore.  That's when my mom got frustrated and just gave me a lump sum and sent me with my grandma.  At age 14 I earned money all summer in order to be able to buy all my own clothes.  My mom only bought a few necessities through my entire high school career.  I think kids this age can start keeping a personal calendar, but most of them don't carry a planner or something - it's all in their heads so there are going to be slip-ups.
Shop for own clothing
Basic fashion awareness
Wardrobe planning
Current events during summer
Practice public speaking during summer
Make/keep dentist appts.
Make/keep doctor appts.
Keep personal calender
Understand basic filing
Order something by phone
Order something by mail
Order something by internet
Read Book of Mormon through
Start Priesthood or YW’s programs
Check fluids in car
Learn basic mending
Bake rolls, bread, cake
Learn how to do laundry
Thirteen Years Old - YES
Sew simple items
Shopping and sales
Party planning
Start own recipe files
Plant care
Certify for CPR
Go to movies w/o parent
Understand prescriptions
Learn meat-handling rules
Learn etiquette rules
Musical intrument of choice
Make dinner during summer (3x’s weekly)
during summer
Fourteen Years Old - YES
Decorate room-learn to paint etc.
Basic interior decorating
Memorize S.S. number
Understand and use debit card
Learn interest, debt, securities
Learn about make-up (girls)
Learn basic civics and politics
Accompany parent to vote
Structural household repair
Sell items on internet
Memorize Seminary scriptures
May go to dances
May purchase Ipod
Fifteen Years Old YES
Pay household bills
Grocery shopping during summer
Plan menus during summer
Finish Eagle Scout (boys)
Change flat tire
Basic car operation
Learn to fill car with gas
Sixteen Years Old YES
Get driver’s license
Understand credit cards
Learn retirement plans
Resume preparation
Understand advertising
Career planning
Arrange for car insurance
Household repairs
Assist in purchasing car
Checking account
File tax return
Landscape planning
May have cell phone (must pay for it yourself)
Get a job!
May date in a group
Seventeen Years Old YES
Finish Young Women in Excellence
Apply for University
Finish Duty to God

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