Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Let me add my voice to those grateful for the articles you posted. Although there were a few things she said that I thought were going too far (esp. in the Headgates article) I mostly thought her insights were great. I have been trying to implement changes too (like the no re-teaching thing) and it seems effective for both the kids and for me. So thank you for linking to those!

I am just so impressed with all you creative, enthusiastic, fun homeschooling families. I love the idea of it but it all seems so overwhelming and hard, I feel like I would be impatient and non-fun and incapable. Even though I really like my kids and enjoy being with them (more than I ever thought I would!). I love Andrea's ideas for different school units--I want to maybe try some of those this summer.

And I like all your thoughts and book recommendations. I will post some book recommendations too at some point, I hope, when Juniper gets a bit older. I read a lot with a new baby but I don't have much time for typing (always have a baby in one arm at the computer). :) But I want to try reading Bonds that make us Free soon. I started it once before and liked it but it took me forever to get through each part and I never finished.

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