Tuesday, May 17, 2011

response to Kami

I liked most of the things but I couldn't help thinking that a lot of it is personal. For example, Kelly said no to piano at 6 but that is when I started Miriam and it has worked out beautifully. She loves piano and can't wait to start the harp when she is 10. However, Cowen isn't starting piano until he is 8.

Also, Miriam is 7 and already knows how to make several breakfasts, sew on a button, has made a tablecloth and napkins and is making two receiving blankets this year. So I am doing sewing a little earlier. There was a girl featured in the Friend this month who is 9 who made a bunch of skirts to donate to Haiti. So again, I think your sewing could be moved to a younger age IF you want to deal with it at a younger age. Won't really hurt them to start later--they'll just have better coordination.

Miriam is just starting to get brushing down, so I don't think that taking care of her own hair at 8 is really that reasonable. Maybe I'm underestimating her. What is Faith in God??????

I'm having my kids memorize the Articles of Faith during their Baptism Prep year (age 7) and then they have to re-memorize them every year during their birthday month. I figure if I do it that way, by the time they are 12 they will know them cold.

I also think you are underestimating food prep. Miriam can already cook a bag of frozen corn and she cuts up mushrooms and zucs and other soft veggies for me. She can peel a carrot or cucumber, so I don't know if "cook a veggie" needs to wait until 9. However, it is a lot of when YOU want to deal with it.

I agree with Kelly that mow lawn is too young. All my kids can already fold clothes (tho they hate it more than any other chore), so you might want to move that to a little younger. (What am I saying, my oldest is 7 and you have a 10 year old--ignore everything I say.)

I like the idea of shopping for own clothes at 12, so I think I would make age 11 a Shopper-in-Training, and do some intensive preparation for the responsibility. You know, lessons on sales and fashion and marketing and modesty.

How DO you check the fluids in your vehicles????

I reiterate that I think you are teaching cooking too late. Remember what Mom said when I told her my grand plan--that by age 12 they are already getting snarky. It might be a LOT more work to teach them cooking later. Then again, maybe not. Depends on the kid. But I was planning on turning over bread-making to Miriam when she turned 10 and she would be in charge of it until Cowen turned 10. That will give them two years of practice (I'm sure I'll help out sometimes) because break-making is a bit of an art and practice with mom around is a good idea.

At 12 I was thinking of letting them learn fancy stuff, like take a cake decorating class, or teach them how to do some fun Asian wok cooking.

Also, I would say laundry could be younger. Miriam already puts the laundry in the dryer for me and can do the separating. She has a hard time with the soap for the washer because it doesn't come out easily, but when I make my own she'll be in charge. Yes!! Plus, at this age, it is a huge treat to do laundry.

I would move menu planning to a younger age. By 15 I was always in a play plus three choirs plus school work--I was already too busy to be doing much at home. I think critical things like menu planning and learning how to shop sales has to be taught before they hit the really busy high school years. Okay, I just saw that you wrote "in the summer" but I still think it should be when they are 13 and that kind of responsibility would thrill them.

I would move a lot of your 16 year stuff to 15 year stuff.

But again, I know nothing about anything. Love you though, and your list, and that you got out of doing other work to make your list so I could postpone my dishes to read through your list. You rock.

I need chocolate. Just FYI. Sigh.

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