Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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So, Andrea told me I should read the article Julia posted about parenting, so I did. And WOW. Can I just say that I have been really wondering how on earth it's possible to discipline your child without making them feel like you think/care less for them (let alone not get angry every time you try to correct a behavior). So the whole premise that this is a way to correct and teach obedience without making your child feel like you love or accept them any less was majorly attractive to me. And it seemed a very logical plan to do just that. (Though implementing is always harder than the idea, as we all know.)

Anyway, the other thing I thought was that the idea of planning on your kids failing -and welcoming it as a learning opportunity-- was revolutionary. I mean, wasn't it? I haven't ever heard it put that way. And if you really follow the plan, how great is it that you really truly aren't getting frustrated when your kid does the same bad behavior over and over and over and OVER -- you just continue giving the consequence without having to get all emotional.

That's my opinion on the article. I told Brett to read it so that we could discuss it, implement it, never get angry with our children again, and basically become perfect parents. I'm not really counting on him reading it though, as it's 33 pages long. Perhaps I'll have to sum up for him. (I did take out some particularly good bits and copy them so that I have them. Now does anyone want to draw up a little basic outline for me so I can hang it on my wall and refer to it every day?)

New topic. Does anyone have any tips on how to help your child make friends? An 8-year-old?


p.s. the Teacher's Funeral by Richard Peck is a great book. I loved it. But then, I pretty much love every Richard Peck. He's fabulous.

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Belle said...

It sounds like a marvelous book.