Saturday, April 19, 2008

Have book in hand

I finally have the book--so I hope to have finished reading it by the end of next week. Therefore, a heads up to those of you, ahem, who chose to skip this book--we can start Milkweed pretty quick after that. Or, if you truly want to read this book, we can take longer with it. Let me know where you are on the whole "Are you planning on reading it?" question.

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Juwmama said...

I'm guessing I won't get the book for another couple of weeks (by the end of this week at the earliest). I'm starting Milkweed today. So, depending on when I get this book and finish Milkweed will determine if I will respond to the Devil. So, that is where I am today.

Oh! And, I just read the best book!! The Sunflower by Richard Paul Evans! I didn't like one of his others, so I wasn't excited to read this one. It was chosen as our RS book group read. It was a fabulous little book! Quick, cute little love story! Loved it!!! Just thought I'd pass on the word.