Friday, April 4, 2008

Cold War book and Introduction

hee-hee...I just ordered the book through interloan library today. They said to expect it in three weeks! Needless to say, I may not be commenting on that one! BUT, I also picked up Milkweed at the library today and may just get a head start on that one. And, I PROMISE to read the next Cold War book on the list if I don't get into the current reading.

As for ME! I thought - well most of you know me, so it may not be necessary, but I really like talking about myself! So, here it is:

I am the proud mother of 5 children (ages 8 and younger) with only FIVE months left of being thirty! (sigh) I am an MFHD degree holder, family bike rider, camper, reader (avidly!), mother, husband cuddler, ASL interpreter (in the ward at least), grocery shopper, laundry doer, life lover and just so excited to be on this blog! I am extremely TIRED of hearing the comment..."You have your hands full! Are they all yours?" (yes, that is all in one breath usually). But, alas, it is true. My hands are full, but so is my heart (cheese!). My husband is J. (enough said).


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