Saturday, May 3, 2008


Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to update you on the status of our book group. I am half-way through The Devil We Knew, and it will probably take another week (at least) for me to get done and all the words I didn't know looked up. :) So far I have really enjoyed it and learned a lot. Are either of you two reading it? Just want to know about when we will be moving on. No rush.


Kelly said...

I have finished it. I haven't started on any sort of essay/discussion. Coincidentally, I was reading a book on a similar topic concurrently so I'm afraid I may get confused between the two books. I have to go back and review and make sure I have my thoughts straight!

Andrea said...

Great! We are excited to hear what you have to say. Kami and I have to remember to POST instead of call on the PHONE when we want to discuss the books! It will be fun to have your input.

Juwmama said...

uh - - yeah, no private discussions allowed!!

Okay - So we've been out of town and I totally forgot about that book. So, I'm guessing they returned it back through the interloan library because it's been on hold for me for longer than a week. So - count me out on this one. I have finished Milkweed already and started Little Prince but decided to shelve that while I read The King of Attolia instead. :-)

Okay, so that is where I stand.


Lindsay Rasmussen said...

Good choice with the King of Attolia. LOVE IT! Just thought I'd add my two bits. Maybe I'll get in on some of these since I'm not taking any classes and just working this summer.

Andrea said...

Lindsay, totally do--I'll send you an author invite so you don't have to limit yourself to comments. The next one is a Spinelli--I have it from the library already so we could easily share. Congrats on being done with the semester!