Friday, April 4, 2008

I can do a better intro

As I told Julia, I felt weird giving my life story right off the bat. But I will tell you a little more about my family. First off, I have some rather vague memories of you Andrea - I stayed with Ju several times but of course, was busy keeping Josh company and didn't hang around the apartment much. (Thanks for letting me be a completely self-absorbed friend, Ju!)

So I have four children. They are almost 10, 8, 5, and 4 months. I have homeschooled always. I did not mean to do that - it just sort of happened due to circumstances. I like it, though. Some days I wonder about the heaven that is public school (running errands without a trail of kids in tow)...but mostly I am content!

A few more important facts about me: I love to read. I'll read just about any type of book. I have trained my husband to watch - and enjoy! - chick flicks. Well, some of them. I consider myself a runner but that is totally in my head at this point. And....I like to cook. I like to eat what I cook even more.

Lastly, my husband is a Financial Advisor a.k.a "nerd". We have a family blog. And we all adore Mexican Food. And that, I think, is our family in a larg nutshell!


Andrea said...

So Kelly, did you wait for Josh while he was on a mission, or did you know him from your hometown and then visited him while he was at BYU before you got married, or what? I checked out your blog--your kids's names are Hannah, Brynne, Logan and Kenna? Just checking. I LOVE names--talking about them, picking them out, practicing writing them. I thought it would fade once I had kids but it hasn't. Maybe it will fade when I am done having kids!

Kelly said...

I didn't meet Josh until after he'd been home from his mission for almost a year. I knew Nathan from the time I was 12. Josh spoke in my ward when he got back from his mission. We dated for three weeks before he went to Ricks. We dated again the following summer and ended up engaged that fall. We carried on a lovely long-distance dating and engagement for most of our relationship, except for those brief summer episodes.

Yep! Those are my kids's names. You sound like Ju in your love of name discussion!

Andrea said...

Long-distance. Blah. I'm so sorry. But hey--it looks like it is working out for you!

And yes, I am a name fanatic. Ju and I had many fun conversations (still do) about baby names through the years.