Friday, April 4, 2008

Status of new book

Just so you know--Kami has received her copy of the Cold War book via interlibrary loan and has to return it by the 17th so she is already reading it and will probably post in the next little while. However, my interlibrary loan is being MUCH slower and I still do not have the book (although I did read a book on McCarthy yesterday that was really interesting--I didn't realize what a scumbag he was) so if you haven't got the book in your possession yet, don't panic. We will be reading and commenting on this book throughout the next few weeks and I will let you know when I finally get ahold of it.


Kelly said...

I ordered my book from Amazon used books and have yet to receive it. I couldn't get it through the library (strange considering I can pull from three counties).

Andrea said...

Extra strange considering how many syllabi this book was on. Several professors said this was the Standard Work of the Cold War. Hmm. Our librarians need to have the best nonfiction possible, gosh darnit!