Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Andrea Introduces Herself

Hello All,

Now that Kelly and Julia have joined the forum, I thought it was time we introduced ourselves a little.  I know Julia, and Kelly knows Julia, but Kami doesn't know Julia, and neither Kami nor I know Kelly, and so forth and so on.  

So, my intro.  Hi.  My name is Andrea Young, I live in Utah, I have three kids.  Miriam is 4 and is somewhat . . . difficult.  But charming.  And loving.  And I adore her.  Cowen just turned 3 and still doesn't talk.  Although he learned to say "yeah" just yesterday and that has already made my life much easier.  Emeline is 19 months and wonderfully sweet.  I am a stay-at-home mom who also teaches online on the side.  Also, I am going to start homeschooling this year so that is my new big adventure.  I have been married six years and I come from a big, crazy family and hope to create a big, crazy family.  My fav things to do are: write YA fantasy, read, read, read, and read, sing, and cook.  I also like to plan curriculum, which is a bonus when you want to homeschool.

And I just wanted to point out, for Julia's sake, that I plan to adopt the TJEd methodology pretty much completely.  I may have criticized the author for several flaws, but his basic tenets are pretty much perfectly aligned with what I believe, and when I read the book I thought--this is exactly how I want to structure my homeschool.  So--I am definitely coming from a TJEd philosophy when I talk about homeschooling.  

That's about it.  I have red hair.  Just so you know.  And your brother Nathan really helped me out in freshman science at BYU.  He was the man.  

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