Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I did the same thing in preparation for that talk I mentioned before.  It really is quite an enlightening exercise and I'm glad you're learning so much.  You know, it's funny any time I'm studying and come across a quote or verse about love I think, "Andrea probably loved that one!" or "Andrea would really like that quote."  Funny!  The biggest thing I learned from the heart exercise revolved around the word "esteem" as well.  Esteeming ourselves above or below others AND esteeming others' opinions above God's opinion.  That's where the heart became the center for me.  What do I feel in my heart and making that feeling the same as what God would have me think or feel.  I have one particular child who I have worked diligently with on the whole "hard-heartedness" thing.  We've studied that idea in length together and then it's a simple reminder for both of us when she (or I) are in that more hardened state of mind.  Anyway, just my thoughts on your thoughts.  Thanks for sharing!  JULIA

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