Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Intro

Hi All!

My name is Amber Mitchell and Julia mentioned this site. I love all your insights! It is wonderful to be in contact with so many awesome, thinking, questioning, and pondering women! Here is a little background on me and mine.

I have four little ones ages 9-2 whom I love to have home with me. I love TJEd principles and have really seen a difference in my life as I have implemented them in my home. The one that has impacted me the most lately is YOU not Them. I have noticed the more I have focused on my education the more the rest of the keys and principles have fallen into place. This sounds like "TJEd worked for me!" plug-sorry!

I read the Eve book and liked it. I had started it years ago and put it down because I thought it was too dry. Perhaps I just was not ready for it. I loved everything she said. I did realize that I already knew much of it because of my other gospel reading so nothing was really "new". One thing that did stand out to me though if I really thought about it it would have been "duh" was how we will continue to learn and grow beyond this life. I thought "oh, good. I don't have to learn everything right now! Maybe I can finally become good at Physics in a million years!" Good book to read and would not mind reading the second one.

I read the talk by Sister Beck last year. I also follow every word she says as she has not been wrong so far. I love her. The Lord has blessed us with her inspired calling. Reading that speech made me do a serious assessment of my teaching skills and what I want to teach to my children and others whom I serve. I would highly recommend reading it and any other of her talks and speeches.

I flipped thru Guns but will probably not read it. I might listen to and watch some of it but I have so many other books to read right now. This one did not grab me right off so sorry book! :)

Have a great day!

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Gwen said...

Is this Amber who met Gwen in California and itroduced her to TJED? If it is I miss you.