Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Eve and the Choice Made in Eden

I did finally finish reading this. It actually was a pretty quick read once I settled in to do it. I thought it was a interesting book and led to some good discussions with my husband. He didn't necessarily buy into all her arguments, but then he was only getting my condensed, less articulate version of her points. Overall, it introduced some things to me that I hadn't thought of before and clarified other things that I had guessed at before. I did find it rather annoying that each time she explained about a Hebrew word having a particular meaning, she never wrote what the Hebrew word was. I know that's fairly nit-picky of me, but it seemed overly "dumbed down" just by that simple act.

Sorry I have nothing more interesting to write than that, but I need to get to bed and sleep, and this was on my to-do list to get done first.

By the way, is it okay if we move on to the Federalist Papers now? I know Andrea's still reading GGS but she can catch up. I just wondered if anyone else was still reading it and planning on commenting. If so I won't move on quite yet.

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