Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hey Ju, I read Savvy a couple years ago (not too long ago - it's a pretty recent book I think). I thought it was okay. I hope you like it!

Everyone - I was recently pointed in the direction of a fabulous talk given by Sister Beck not too long ago. She is one of my absolute heroes these days. I love pretty much every word that comes out of that woman's mouth. :-) I thought you might like to read her talk. It has really helped bring into focus what teaching I should be doing with my children.

I haven't even started the Federalist Papers. I have them, somewhere, on my shelves. Right now I have a visitor who has to be Hands-On Entertained every day (for this entire week) so I'm getting virtually no reading done except my Gospel Study. Hopefully I can hurry and catch up once she goes home.

Hope you all are enjoying your spring! Mine has been lovely, but too much of the never-ending coastal winds!

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