Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Welcome Amber

Welcome, welcome, Amber. We're glad to have you.

In the spirit of welcoming a new person, I wanted to conduct a small survey here on our little blog. We have lots of new people whose blogs I frequent, and old people (not myself--I'm young, but Kami is getting on in years) whose blogs I also frequent, and I have noticed that many of us have interests in common that I didn't know about. For example, Marilyn is a fellow bread baker. So, I wanted to list a few of my interests here and if you have those interests, speak up. If you have other interests that I fail to mention, speak up about those also. It is fun (for me anyway) to get a better sense of those with whom I blog.


Healthy Eating
Reading (duh)
Education--all the political stuff and theories and research
Homeschool Educating
Writing fiction and nonfiction
Playing softball
Making Out with my Hubby
Chocolate (yes, it deserves its own mention)
Geneology and family history
Books of Remembrance (I'm huge with this and love to hear what people are doing to follow Pres. Eyring's counsel)
Learning to Communicate with Others (in other words--allowing oneself to connect with others on a deep enough level that some amount of risk/vulnerability is involved. How does one do that effectively?)
Homemade Cleansers

Okay, I totally stretched my brain and thought for a full five minutes to come up with that list. Now, all of you list the ones we have in common and any of your own interests that haven't been listed. PS--If you want to make Kami's day, you can also mention your favorite would-be world conqueror. It is one of Kami's hobbies to find that out about people. Mine is Napolean.

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