Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Interesting Interests

Umm, Genghis Khan hands down. Andrea, really, Napolean? He didn't get half so far as Genghis. :)

At Andrea's request, here's a few of my interests:
  • Family History--the highlight of my summer this year is that I'm going to the Family History Conference at BYU!!! YESSSSSSSS!
  • Baking--desserts mostly, but baking in general is my favorite type of cooking
  • Arts and Crafts, occasionally sewing--though I stink at it
  • Floral Design-- I wish I had a chance to do this more
  • Reading
  • Travel (Can wished for hobbies be listed?)
  • Archaeology (I'm assuming that wished for interests can be listed.)
  • Watching foreign and independent films
  • Gardening
  • Yogurt making (Okay, I only made it once, but it was delicious.)
  • Eating and trying new ethnic foods. My favorite is Middle Eastern. I love hummous and tabooli and chicken schwarma and lebni and, well, I'll stop there.
  • Learning Spanish. (This is a joke.)
  • Cultural events--I drag my kids to as many free or cheap ones as I can afford.

The end. I also like sports and camping and hiking. I wish I did more of that. I have a lot of wishful interests. My husband wishes that I had more interest in going to bed right now though, so I'd better go. Ta ta.

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