Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Personal Mission

So, here are my basic thoughts on having a personal mission. Keep in mind that sometimes I do tend to over-grandize some things and this may be one of them. :-)

In each of the articles listed, somewhere it says that there is a mission only YOU came here to perform.  I do believe that sometimes we (I) get caught up in thinking this is something bigger than where our life is currently leading in regards to our sphere of influence, no matter how small.  The story about President Eyring from when he was younger and the Spirit told him something like, "If you knew who you really were, you would be sad you didn't try harder."  I wonder in my life if I'm not trying hard enough to accomplish and fulfill the promises made before coming to earth.  Am I too selfish? Am I making choices to be places I don't need to be?  Are my desires righteous?

Which leads to my second thought which is that we can't only go on our desires and interests.  Let's say I have an interest in cooking but I'm a horrible cook.  Well, I can practice and practice but it may not be where I need to be putting my time.  That is a minimal example, and I dont' necessarily agree with it but take it anyway.  :-)  As a grander example, let's take President Lincoln.  How many times did he fail before he was elected?  How do we know if the failures are simply distractions from our ultimate goal (being elected) or if it's not something we're supposed to be pursuing and it is thus a distraction from what we should be focussing on?  That's why simply going on wants and desires, talents and gifts can be a little bit confusing for me to understand.  I have to desire to read and study all day!  But if I did that I would definitely be distracted from my #1 mission of being a wife and mother.  :-) 

With that said, I think I, for one, need to be grateful for the places the Lord has led me in my life.  I need to sometimes refocus and realize my mission is in the home, raising & teaching my children.  Sometimes we don't appreciate our smaller sphere of influences.  I have at times felt like Alma, "O, that I were an angel, crying repentance on the housetops."  Maybe we all have those moments, maybe not.  But, I do think that sometimes when we talk about "our personal mission" in church, we do need to think more about what we are doing and ask the Lord if it be right.  Are we truly fulfilling our missions or simply muddling through life? 

Random ramblings, but there you have it! :-)

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Andrea said...

Okay, I didn't want to put a big post about this but I read all the articles and none of them really changed my perspective. I think when we start worrying about our life mission or personal mission that we confuse a pretty straight-forward concept: if we try to live by the Holy Ghost and be humble enough to follow promptings, we'll accomplish everything Heavenly Father wants us to accomplish. Our patriarchal blessings gives us clues to how Heavenly Father will use us (my patriarchal blessing talks a lot about my being a teacher, go figure) and what talents we need to develop, but even that can be misleading. Just because we have a talent that needs developed doesn't mean we should be developing it now. And even if you knew what your personal mission was, how would that change what you are doing now? For example, say you knew that you were going to be the General Relief Society President someday. How would that change what you're doing no? Are you trying to become more Christ-like? Then what else should you be doing? Maybe I'm a little cynical like my dad (ha--I'm so much like him it is scary) but I think the concept of personal missions is just a reminder that you should be living close to the Spirit. The end of my diatribe.