Monday, January 18, 2010

Another Question

So yesterday in RS we discussed the whole "you have a specific mission" thought/principle/idea.  Whenever I hear that I get all freaked out and analytical about what my mission is here on earth and am I really persuing the right things to fulfill that mission.  One person mentioned that if you have  a desire to do something, you need to act on that desire.  She used the example of cooking and how she can't cook really well, but wants to learn so she needs to act on that desire.  Okay, so I always think grander.  And so my question is: 
How do you know if your desire is really what you should be working toward or if it's just a distraction to keep you from your real purpose?  Articles to read and discuss: 
Understand Who You Are - Robert C. Oakes, BYU devotional
Preparing for your Spiritual Destiny - Neal L. Anderson, CES Fireside Jan 10th, 2010
Patriarchal Blessings - Truman G. Madsen


As for books on the list: I will read Kim.  I liked the ones you chose from my list already.  Anything else you decide.  :-)

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