Thursday, January 14, 2010

Can you Ever Have Enough Books?

Hi ladies,

I read Impossible. I wasn't that impressed. One of my friends read it and raved about it. I still can't figure out why she liked it so much.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts about Elder Eyring's talk. Good stuff. I've been thinking a lot about some areas where I feel inspired to improve. It's funny how you suddenly feel bombarded by a message coming at you from all different directions. I feel like the Lord's been banging on my head saying, "Hello? You wanted to know what to work on? Have I got a list for you. Let's start with this!" But seriously, it feels good to have some direction and a focus for my self-improvement.

I have read War & Peace. I'm not too interested in reading it at the moment. I have also read Les Mis, but wouldn't be opposed to reading that.

I've been doing lots of fiction reading:
The Graveyard Book
The Girl with the Pearl Earring
Catching Fire
The Amulet of Samarkand (recommended to me, but I didn't care for it much)
A slew of Jessica Day George books
To Kill a Mockingbird
How Capitalism Saved America (not fiction, by the way, but very good just the same)
Honey, Pick Another Check-Out Lane (my sister loaned it to me and is in love with couponing because of this book) - another nonfiction, obviously.
Petronella Saves Nearly Everyone (short and sweet - a bit like Patricia Wrede's "The Enchanted Chocolate Pot" book which I also read recently and enjoyed)
The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate
and a million books by D.E. Stevenson...who, while not great literature, fills a need in my heart for simple stories about good, simple people.

I have also been reading varying books on Early American History with my 6 year old. We're trying out the Beautiful Feet program. So's ok. I don't love it, but it's making life easy for me this year, which is what I needed. My little baby is growing up and life is starting to seem more normal.

I'm SO looking forward to next year when I will have no children in public school. Last year and this year have thrown me for a loop. Our entire family rhythm has been different - partly because of public school schedules (I always have to be home by 3pm if we go anywhere and I can't take off for a 3 day field trip whenever I want), and partly because my kids are growing up and getting involved in more things outside of the home. Sigh.

I realize it's only January, but I'm trying to think about this year's summer study. Last year we did Astronomy and Shakespeare. I learned two things. One: I should only study one subject in depth at a time - particularly during the summer. Two: Shakespeare was an AWESOME topic and that was a great way to study it.
I've been thinking...maybe American History? Always a fave. Or maybe CA State history. We could take trips and visit all the CA History sites around the state. That'd be fun. Do you know what you are doing in the summer?

I've rambled enough and haven't said anything important. Thanks for posting, Andrea. I like hearing what you've been reading. It gives me ideas to put on my library list. And I like when you share things you've been thinking about.

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