Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Note on "Easy" Classics

I used to agree with what Andrea said about not having kids read easier classics, but after having a daughter who has had struggles with reading AND listening to Andrew Pudewa speak on the topic, my views have changed . . . slightly.  Brooklynn listened to the book on CD (real version), The Little Princess, and fell in love with it.  THEN, she watched the movie and loved that, too.  THEN she found an "easy" version of the book at a yard sale and just had to buy it!  And she's reading it.  If I were to "make" her read or wait to read the "real" version, she'd lose a bit of that passion for the story.  So, I think there are appropriate times to have children read the "dumbed down" versions of the stories.  I do not, however, think a parent should read the easy versions aloud.  Kids need to hear the "real" language of a great classic.  I have faith that Brooklynn will eventually read the "real" book simply because of her love for the story and when her physical hindreances finally match her thirst for the real thing.  And that's what Pudewa said.  An older child/person will remember loving the story as a child and be drawn to read the "real" thing.  Again, I still think there's a time and a place, but I wouldn't disregard them completely.  Just my thoughts.  :-)

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