Wednesday, March 2, 2011

More Ideas on Work

This is one of my favorite blogs to browse every once in awhile.  I like how she integrates work into her home  & thought it was fitting for this discussion.

I used to worry a lot about finances and teaching my kids about finances.  So far we're doing it how my parents did it....which wasn't the best way I assure you, but it seems to have worked for my siblings and myself.  Basically, whenever the kids earn money they have to save some.  We don't just give them money for things they want.  My parents taught more by example, my dad was very entrepreneurial, my husband thinks that same way.  So that's what we do.  As they get older I'm noticing that they sense the desire and need to earn money and are all starting to think of ways they can earn money.  John has had a lemonade stand and just read the first winning Apprentice's book (you know that reality show?) "Beyond Lemonade Stands" which teaches kids how to start their own business. We all sell our plums each summer, the girls had a temporary babysitting/dog walking job for a couple of months, when we go to the Farmer's Market they all start talking about things they want to sell someday, John wants to teach piano lessons when he turns 14....those types of things.  This year, all three of my kids put "Save $100" as one of their yearly goals and then they set up different baggies for spending and saving.  Of course, I had to encourage John that it's best to create two different baggies because he wanted to just put it all in one pot and "Just not spend it."  We all know how unrealistic that is!  :-)  I haven't read the book.  I've heard it's great and when I can get my hands on it I'd like to read it.  But for now I just don't see any purpose for young children to have money.  I'm more on the same page as the lady who wrote the Headgates article:  it's an adult responsibility they can earn when they are ready. 

My very unhumble opinion!  BUT with that said, I love that your family found what you needed, Andrea, and it's so fun to get excited about these things!  :-)  (sorry....not trying to deflate your excitement on the subject).


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