Monday, March 28, 2011

History Cont.

Thanks for your responses. No, I wasn't planning on using the Story of the World books--I like to create my own curriculum for history, but I was interested in if going chronologically had been effective for you. If we do it, I'd start when Miriam was in 4th grade. I'm glad the SOTW breaks it down well--that would probably be the most challenging part for me. I've heard a lot about Sonlight but haven't even looked at it. I think I will now--literature recommendations are always useful as I do everything I can literature based.

As for math--that program looks really interesting. I am not good at integrating math into a normal day (outside of cooking--and I don't really let the kids cook with me much). I already have a combo that I'm really happy with, so I don't think I'll be changing soon. I talked about it a lot on my homeschool blog, so I'll spare you here.

Since we're talking curriculum--I was going to buy the Rod and Staff Language Arts program for Miriam for next year and their spelling program. Have you used either of those?

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