Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Other TJEd article on Misfit

I was looking through Misfit's blog (addicting in a strange way) and found she had a new TJEd post that I liked much better than her first one as it addressed more of the implementation concerns rather than the founder's instability concerns.


Anyone else read it?

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Anonymous said...

Her biggest problem with the TJED methodology seems to be You, Not Them (she specifically addresses it 7 times). However, having read Misty’s recent “A Day in the Life Of” post I would say she lives very much in line with what DeMille recommends. Everything she does I have heard DeMille teach. A major component of the system she follows, The Robinson Method, is “Self Teaching” where he says, “Children learn by example… If you read, the children will read. If you value academic achievement for yourself, so will they… Do your own work in or near the room in which the children are working. Don't talk to them. Just set an example by working hard yourself.”

Fundamentally I don’t see much of a difference between Robinson's Self Teaching and DeMille's You, Not Them. They both recommend the study of classics, especially the Bible. They both endorse Saxon math. They both strongly urge the removal of all electronics. The list goes on and on.

I've brought these similarities to her attention and my comments have been deleted multiple times. She doesn't want anyone to connect what she is doing with what DeMille teaches.