Wednesday, November 9, 2011

(and i agree with this)

I have had to learn a LOT about not judging people since I moved to this tiny town I live in.  We have the weirdest of the weird when it comes to members here.  I think only San Francisco, with it's higher LGBTQ population, might be weirder.  ;-)  But I've learned to appreciate that even people who don't live the Gospel the way I would want to live it, still have lessons to teach me in so many areas.  In fact, I like living with these less-than-perfect people BECAUSE of the lessons I learn.  Sometimes I get frustrated when they don't live the Gospel or run the Church programs the way I think they should (I can identify with Misfit there), but always it comes back to a lesson in humility for me.  I'm not perfect, either.

Also, I just wanted to say: this (above) is awesome.  I totally agree.  I think there are weird people/Mormons everywhere (sure, Utah County/Utah in general has idiosyncrasies, but I think they are usually exaggerated and overblown by those looking to find them) and the challenge is learning to not only love but also LEARN from those you think are weird.  And to realize they actually are acting in the way that makes sense to them, just as you are doing in the way that makes sense to you.  And to be humble.  So hard to do consistently for me---it seems like as soon as I learn it in one area, I forget and become prideful again in another area.  Even with this discussion about Misfit Cygnet, I need to step back from the "Stop judging, Judger!" attitude I'm prone to adopt.

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