Thursday, November 10, 2011

from kelly  If they really want to be there, they will rise up and meet the standard.
Yes!  I just wanted to say I agree with this.  We don't need to "dumb down" our youth activities for those who may or may not be coming anyway.  Love it!

from Andrea The worst part is that with leaders trying so hard to be friends the cliquishness and meanness of the girls escalated rapidly and dramatically.
Thus my fear of Facebook and leaders being "friends" with their youth.  For some reason that has bothered me that youth and leaders  are "on Facebook" together.  Is that weird to anyone else?  One leader said they liked it because when a YW doesn't show up she can look on Facebook to see where she was.  Why not just ask her?  Marilyn, have you seen a benefit with Facebook in your calling?  Do you use it?  I just wonder.....

from Andrea (I do agree with Misfit that we talk too much about how great our youth is without any great behavior to back it up.)
I recently recognized this in my own home with my almost 12 year old boy (gasp!!!).  There comes a time when the youth just start expecting the blessings of being older (entitlement) without having more work and responsibilities to show for the extra blessings they get.  They're praised for being amazing when they're just acting with mediocrity.  I, too heard how wonderful I was all growing up from leaders and parents I think it created a fear of making mistakes in my life.  Thus, I look to the talk by Elder Robbins, What Manner of Men (and Women) Ought Ye to Be when praising my children and raising them with confidence in themselves (not false adoration for being so wonderful and also criticism when they fall below my false expectation as well).  I don't know if that makes sense or even applies to what we are saying, but it's what came out of my head just now. :-)

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