Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Book Choosing

Kelly--you were too vague. Look through the list Ju posted and I posted and then post your top choices from those lists and whatever else you want to add.

Kami--you too.

Ju--look through mine and do the same.

Take your time--we already have a good list, although Kami and I want more fiction interspersed.

Point--we need more specific suggestions, and it doesn't have to be this week, so think about what you want to get out of this and then post it.

I'm done bossing you around for the evening. I'm going to bed!

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Juwmama said...

Okay, so I already commented to the other one AGAIN in rebudle to Andrea about the books I have chosen. I would really like to read the Bee Keepers book and I just had a friend recommend a book to me called something by someone (I'll get the details again)...anyway, it's based on three Chinese women or something, totally nonfiction. But the point is when she was telling me about it I thought, "Oh, great one to suggest to the book group."

OH - and I LOVE Charles Dickens, so anything by him would be lovely.

Again - enough from me!