Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New Reading List

Hello Everyone,

After much research, soul-searching, contemplating the nature of Kami's reading habits (trust me--picking fiction that she will like and find "meaty" is one of the great pleasures and challenges of my life), and thinking about the reasons Kami and I started this blog, I came up with an UPDATED READING LIST that contains much more fiction. Check it out now.

So--starting Monday, we are officially into Milkweed by Spinelli, followed by The Secret Life of Bees, and then Fermat's Enigma. I tried to incorporate at least a few choices from everyone while staying true to my bossy, autocratic nature--meaning the sheer joy I get from trying to coerce people into doing what I want them to do (Kami resists better than most, darn her, but she fell in line with my list when I asserted a little pressure).

In summary, I think we have a great line-up. Thanks for all your input. I hope you still love me.


Kelly said...

That sounds fabulous to me. And coincidentally, I just checked out "The Secret Life of Bees". Looking forward to reading it. I've heard it's good!

Lindsay Rasmussen said...

Sounds good to me too. I've already read The Secret Life of Bees, but that just means that I can finish the trilogy I'm working on right now.

Juwmama said...

Yay! I LOVE the new list. The old list was good too, but this list does seem much more in the direction I was hoping to go as well. I'm so excited to talk about Milkweed (I read it too long ago!). Thanks for putting the time and energy into this! Love you, Ans!