Thursday, June 2, 2011

Real Quick

More on the parenting stuff...

Yes, IMPLEMENT with CONSISTENCY  & without EMOTION is the HARDEST part of being a parent for me.  :-(  Grrr....  It is great to reread and refresh.  I love Linda Eyre's suggestion for staying consistent:

Make a list of the things that REALLY bother you, the things that cause a responsive or emotive reaction from you.  In the next column write what you usually do.  And then make a column of what you are going to do in the future instead (the consequence).  I think having a list up like that for ME would be very useful and help me stay calm, cool and consistent.

As for the "big event is off" threat (because it usually is a threat more than a consequence when I  resort to it) . . . I have told the kids they owe me the money for that lesson.  So if the lessons cost $20/month, they owe me $5 for every lesson they miss.  If they don't have the money, they do $5 worth of chores.  I think I've only had to actually follow through on this consequence once because it's enough to make my kids think.

And Kayli, you summed up my thoughts exactly on the article as well.  I, too, doubt my husband will read that much info on parenting . . . but we can always hope!  :-)


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