Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Love the values idea for devotionals, Andrea!  I am reminded of Benjamin Franklin's autobiography where he wrote down his list of thirteen attributes and determined to work on one each month for himself.  It's been in the back of my mind to do the same thing ever since.  I think I tried it for myself for a little while, but didn't get too far.   Love tying in children's books with it as well.  Fun! 

Loved Esquith's book.  I have been thinking a LOT about TIME actually (his first chapter was a good one for me) because I've realized as a homeschooling family, my children's sense of time is a bit "off."  Now, I am a compulsively early person.  I agree with President Packer that if you're ten minutes early to a meeting then you're late!  But, that only applies with activities we have OUTSIDE the home.  Inside the home, it's a whole different matter.  There are no deadlines for anything and thus things take longer than they probably need to, decreasing the amount of stuff we could actually be doing or learning.  So, it's been a new focus of mine. . . how to make time matter to my kids in their daily lives.  It's a tough one!!  (especially being 7 months pregnant and not waking up "on time" each morning).  sigh. 

Anyway, you asked for book suggestions:
There is a book called Books that Build Character you might want to check out.
Also William Bennet has a book "The Children's Book of Virtues" or something like that with lots of short stories based on certain virtues.  It's great.  
The Eyres also have a book called "Teaching Children Values" where they take a value each month to focus on.  I think there are some book suggestions in there as well  (their website also focusses on one value a month). 

As I may be building on your idea for our own devotionals next year, I'll let you know if I discover any other valueable books.  :-)


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