Friday, April 15, 2011

Time Revisited

I think I misled everyone from the comments Julia and Kelly made and the phone call I got from Kami Sue. I don't think giving Miriam a planner and having her write in it will accomplish anything right away--or for years. The reason I want to do it is to start the process of her figuring out that she can control time instead of time controlling her. She's a huge dawdler and is always getting extra chores for getting off task. That's enough actual punishment/reward time management training for right now, I think. But, for her, I think it is going to be really important for me to teach time management and not expect her to just pick it up naturally. Cowen, on the other hand, already knows and implements the concept of "if I get my chore done fast then I have more time to play." Miriam doesn't get it yet. So I think "time awareness" is part age and part personality. Again, my purpose is just to start the teaching process about time.

Anyway, it might end up being a bad idea and I'll get on here in a year and say it was a stupid idea. But, I'm going to try it anyway! I won't know how it will end up until I give it a whirl.

Kelly--what is Sunday night gospel study? I want to know more.


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