Thursday, April 21, 2011

Response to Kelly

I think scheduling a day during the month to clean is pretty brilliant. Especially for the "nothing hanging over your head" reason she listed. We've been doing "Saturday's work" on Friday for awhile now so we didn't waste "Tim time." But I've found that a little frustrating because then it feels like I'm the only one who has to get the kids to work. I get tired of forcing people to do things. I also don't like it because it uses up a school day that I'd rather use to do fun school things--like art and music appreciation.

The only thing that worries me is trying to get that much cleaning done in one day. Ouch. Miriam can clean a bathroom but I like to do it every other time to make sure it is done really well. If she did it one month it would be like two months with a subpar bathroom. Then again--I could probably get used to that. :) I'm going to have to toy with this idea and see what I think. It would be a long day every month. It would open up Saturdays during the summer to more yard work without feeling like we are trying to accomplish everything inside and out in one day.

I'm glad there is another homeschooler in the world that doesn't do academic subjects until the afternoon. I like to do other things in the morning--piano, devotional, music time, and then a group activity based on science or history. The afternoon is for math, LA, spelling, handwriting, etc.

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