Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hormones Continued

This has all been great.  Thanks, Kelly for being specific about your issues and the book.  Very interesting.

For me, the hormonal birth control helped rather than hindered my horrible PMS/mood swings  (btw - I've been wondering about the PMS myth and if it's cultural or real . . . I'll be checking out that book if for nothing other than the first chapter).  J. said that was the best thing we ever did for our marriage  (I beg to differ with that, but that's between J. and me!).  :-)  However, coming "off" the birth control was another story.  For the past year I have been very wacky!  Worse, I think, than before the IUD.  When the doctors say, "You'll get pregnant within a month or two" . . . don't believe them!  :-)  Some months have been better than others, but I have felt out of kilter. 

I, too, am more interested in the diet side of things.  I want to figure out what MY body is lacking, not digesting, or just plain doesn't need!

Andrea - I agree with what you said about our mentality and hormones.  It's still hard to distinguish . . .like Marilyn said.  For instance, do you feel you should have "gone on something" when you were having all that rage?  Or could you tell yourself that it would pass, knowing that it would and just not knowing when it would happen? 

I had a dark period after Ethan was born (my 5th/youngest).  It lasted a good two years, at least.  I just kept pushing through it, using prayer as the main remedy.  But I'm wondering if it might have lasted less time if I'd done something more preventative rather than just "dealing."  Not even medication, but counselling might have helped.  You know??

Then, looking back in hindsight I think,  "Well, I got through it, so it must not have been that bad."  But it was bad.  So . . . .

It's just so HARD to know. 

Don't we love being WOMEN!?  :-)

Love you all.


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