Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My turn to tell

Okay - so first of all I am currently reading 'The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" (with J. while my son reads 7 Habits of Happy Kids).  Fun!  And I'm reading The Art of Teaching writing by Lucy Calkins.  Loving it!  I wish I'd read it when my oldest was TWO!  I also just finished a biography of Eleanor Roosevelt.  I'm in a non-fiction mood, if you can't tell.  However, I am going to start the 39 Clues series because my son has been telling me all week, "This is the best book ever"!  Gotta find out for myself.  :-)

With that said, Their Finest Hour FINALLY came in at the library, so I'm hoping to start/finish that before it's due again.  :-) I just put Hurried Child on hold at the library and I've already read Stay at Home moms. 

Kelly, I loved The Wheel on the School a lot better than Sixty Fathers.  Maybe it's the timing or order in which they are read?  But I do love that book!

And I am waiting for two books to come in:  the sequel to The Hunger Games!  Agh!!  I can't wait!  And the sequel to The Red Necklace  by Sally Gardner.  Again, can't wait!!! 

Has anyone read the Golden Compass?  It's been sitting by my bed for awhile, but I just can't get in the mood to read it.

Well, happy reading.

P.S. My son John just started a GoodReads account.  If your kids have emails send 'em to me so he can invite them.  Right now he has no "friends" and I would like him to have more to choose from than just what "Mom" says is cool!  :-)

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Kelly said...

Read the Golden Compass...didn't like it... but it's been awhile so I'm not sure I could articulate why very well. It just seemed Dark and anti-God.

Hannah has a Goodreads account. Her email is fivestarfamily at gmail dot com. She would like more friends.