Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What I'm Reading

Hello Everyone,

I am not finishing the Colombia book right away because I could only get it on library loan and I didn't finish it fast enough. I'm going to try and get it from Weber State.

In the meantime, for October we're supposed to read I Am the Clay, but I find that uninspiring. INSTEAD, I'll be reading two books. Feel free to read them with me, or not. I'm just switching two months and reading

1) The Hurried Child (because my Dad looked down his nose at me when I said I hadn't read it--apparently it is one of his fav education books)

2) the Praise of Stay At Home moms.

Really, I'm just SO TIRED all the time and Potok takes so much out of you emotionally. I'm just not up for it this month. So, switching Oct and Nov books. If you want to you can read along with me.

PS--I'll also be reading Alexander's biography of Wilford Woodruff, if you want to read that too!

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