Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Hurried Child

I just finished The Hurried Child.  It was okay.  There were a few quotes that I really appreciated, but was too lazy to write down.  :-)  This book did make me think of how much playtime I allow my children and it's made me look at some things differently.  For example, the fact that kids and adults wear the same style of clothing!  I've noticed this trend in bathing suits but never really paid attention to the everyday fashion.  Well, at least when I've looked at it I've thought more about how adult women are trying to still dress young, rather than the other perspective of children trying to dress older.  Make sense?  Anyway, I did think that was interesting.  Overall, though, the book was a bit repetative and wordy for me, so I lost enthusiasm for the points the author was trying to make. 

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