Friday, September 4, 2009

Become a Movie Critic

Hey Friends!

I just got back from Education Week at BYU and while there I went to an amazing class entitled "Great Cinema for Families." It was so inspiring and made me want to watch movies all the time. :-) Anyway, if you got to you can take an online course on becoming a movie critic and learn what really makes a great movie. There you can also find a list of about 50 movies or so that the "team" on campus has deemed "great movies." Pay in mind that they also publicize for ClearPlay (a movie editing system), so don't be too shocked by some of the movies you might see on there. And one more thing is that you can write movie reviews. I thought this would be a great resource or "class" for older students. I may even have John do some this year, he would love any excuse to watch movies!

So, any GREAT movies you would recommend??? Share!



Kelly said...

did you see the John Adams movie?

Juwmama said...

Nope, but that's on my list to see!